Kamini Patil

Niyuj – my home away from home. Since 2013, when I started as an intern and
then continuing my service here. Niyuj has positively challenged my skills, moved
me out of my comfort zones to enable my growth and provided me guidance and
training at every step. I couldn’t have wished for any other place better than Niyuj
to work for.. 

Pankaj Verma

The best part about Niyuj is that it is fast paced and most exciting midsized company to give you a super learning experience like larger MNC but with a very cool differentiator – twice a year appraisal and flexible work culture!

Mukund Mulik

I really enjoy working with Niyuj because it’s a perfect working environment where I can grow both professionally and personally. It’s exciting to work at such an innovative company and with smart colleagues. Niyuj is a great place to learn new skills and technologies

Jyoti Pawar

It’s been an amazing 8 years journey so far! I am pleased with the diverse range of exciting and challenging projects, which keeps me learning on an ongoing basis. Niyuj has a fun, loving and caring work environment

Rhishikesh Magdum

The open culture, diverse work opportunities, enthusiasm, and great mentorship has helped my career and in turn, shaped me to be a better person

Ashok Khedkar

I’ve been working with Niyuj since 2010. I have truly enjoyed every moment and experience I’ve had at Niyuj. There is a true sense of belonging, respect, and involvement at each level. I am glad to be a part of an awesome team! Niyuj is a growing organization that has a tremendous opportunity for growth

Amit Kolte

I’m proud of being a part of Niyuj for the past 8 years. Working at Niyuj is a great pleasure and a privilege. It is very much a family for me. Niyuj offers an excellent working experience, with the opportunity to get involved in diverse projects and the culture encourages and supported me to widen my learning scope

Deepak Mohan

We have recently established a Software Engineering Partnership with Niyuj. Niyuj has established a team of talented and high skilled engineers in Storage, Data Protection and Cloud Technologies. Niyuj team works very closely with Carbonite Engineers and makes important contributions to our product roadmaps and our goal is to continue growing the team at Niyuj over the next several months. If you are passionate about building great state of the art software products, leveraging the latest technologies Niyuj could be your go to partner.