Avinash Shenoi

A serial ‘techpreneur’ right from the moment he stepped in to the world of Information Technology, Avinash leads the way at Niyuj for taking on complex challenges and solving them with relative ease. With 15+ Years of experience across multiple domains from Networking to Big Data, his go-getter attitude has helped Niyuj deliver patented technologies and disruptive solutions while being the owner 4 patents and a variety of trade secrets himself.

Avinash holds a bachelors in Computer engineering from Pune university and a Master of Science ( Computer Science ) from the University of Maryland.

In his illustrious career thus far, he has established startups in the Artificial Intelligence and Securitity, grown them and overseeing their successful 7 figure takeovers by large fortune 500 companies like Symantec.

A leader at heart and visionary at soul, Avinash now spends most of his time driving innovation and making it a tangible reality for the clients at Niyuj while identifying and nurturing talent to gain a deeper understanding and knowledge required to build next-gen technologies from Healthcare to E-Commerce.

He is married to Tripti, and has a weakness for Bollywood movies.

Ajay Wani

Our Chief Executive Officer and mentor, Ajay Wani commands an experience of over 27 years having spent his time being the creator of patented technologies like ‘Single scan for a base machine’ and all associated virtual machines ‘SAN simulator’ and ‘Backup of virtual machines from the base machine’.

An effective leader and avid learner, Ajay now has his sights set on new & emerging technologies that equips the organizationto lead the way in the quest for achieving the highest potential of digital transformation. With his ‘can-do’ attitude and innate ability to drive innovation, Ajay has managed multi-cultural & multi-location teams with large P&L and has worked across the globe throughout his career.

Ajay holds a Masters in Computer Science from the Pune University. Prior to joining the executive leadership team at Niyuj, he was the Senior Director of Engineering at ‘Symantec’ and ‘Veritas Software’

He is a master of Agile and SCRUM methodologies and exhibits breakthrough skill sets in Storage,Backup, Appliance, HA, Networking, Security, Cloud, BigData, and Virtualisation.

Ajay is also a true team builder with a sharp engineering mind having set up and nurtured multiple diverse teams as large as 350+ that built innovative products and solutions for global customers.These teams have gone on to deliver world-class solutions for their customers and even broken new boundaries in various industries, setting new standards at every stage.

Ajay is married to Yogita Wani and they have 2 bright and growing kids Atharva and Arnav.

A Techno-enthusiast with an ever willing drive to guide and mentor people, Ajay is also a car racing enthusiast with a weakness for great food and a hot cup of ‘Chai’

Tripti Shenoi

Tripti has an eye for detail, keeps Niyuj compliant with all the laws of the land, and ensures everyone gets paid on time without fail. Tripti holds a degree in Electronics Engineering and has worked for several companies including Wipro and Cisco as a software engineer.

Her versatile skill sets and experience has led her to lead distributed teams focusing on internal processes and quality and also leading projects in an outsourced environment.

Tripti is extremely adept in Financial Analysis and spotting future trends and has a weakness for good music

Pooja Joshi

A technologist and problem-solver from the word ‘GO’, Pooja drives innovation at Niyuj and directs varied engineering teams. Her career in Niyuj started back in 2011 as Head of Services and now has evolved in to a keen focus on Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence which comes on the back of her deep knowledge and extensive experience in the fields of analysis, design thinking, development and operations management.

Pooja is an alumnus of COEP, holding a Masters in Computer Science and Information systems. She has juggled and excelled at multiple roles in large conglomerates like Infosys, Oracle and Bristol Technologies (Acquired by HP)

Her highlight innovation came with Instaclique – a patented product developed in close collaboration with some of our leaders at Niyuj. This technology has delivered large scale, transformational insights for clients in e-commerce and several other domains.

Pooja is the proud mother of 2 and has a weakness for seeing the problem solved right to its end without ever giving up, even if she is not directly involved in it.

Dinesh Shanbhag

Dinesh works in the networking domain. He manages teams that develop and maintain a) platform functionality of Edge devices and b) a centralized management console for Edge devices.

Majority of his prior experience (20+ years) has been in the data backup domain. He is a keen learner of new tools, technologies, and programming languages. He has worked with C/C++, Linux & Windows systems programming, Golang, Python, Perl, Redis, RabbitMQ, etc. He has worked in multiple engineering roles at Veritas and Isana Systems.

Dinesh is married to Sushmita. Dinesh likes to play badminton and go out on treks.

Mandar Behere

Mandar is a true technocrat in mind, body and soul. He brings to Niyuj a whole new level of understanding of developing a product from scratch and creating new technology solutions for start-ups by leveraging new-age technologies. Having an innate ability to solve problems and a drive to deliver, Mandar has built his reputation as being the ‘sage’ of product development and growth and holds forte as the Director of Engineering since 2018 at Niyuj.

An electronics and telecommunications graduate from University of Pune, Mandar has 20+ years of experience working for well-known IT product and services companies like Persistent Systems. After founding a group-commerce startup, he has also helped setup large-scale e-commerce portals using platforms like Magento on cloud platforms like AWS. He has developed immense expertise in harnessing the cloud technologies such as Auto-scaling, Auto-healing clusters to create tangible benefits for the customers and consumers alike. With focus on end-customer satisfaction, Mandar has managed to help businesses grow multifold.

His all-rounder status, yearning for knowledge and energy to deliver delight for his clients and customers across the globe has also helped him achieve leadership roles in People, Product and Project management.

Mandar, in an effort to keep his circle of influence updated with latest happenings in the technology field, has started the microblog ‘Tech Term: A Term a Day’. It is still passionately managed by him to date.

An avid reader and blog writer, Mandar loves his morning coffee and has a weakness for learning new technologies, no matter how challenging the task!