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  • PUBLISHED ON March 01, 2021

Spotlight on SDN and SD-WAN


SDN (Software Defined Network) and the emerging SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) spell the future of cloud networking – SDN introduces unparalleled network flexibility and allows clients to customize their cloud networks, supporting the rapid development of business applications. SD-WAN (the application of SDN technology in the wide-area network (WAN) space) is now gaining mainstream adoption thanks to its manifold benefits – SD-WAN is the answer to the shortcomings faced in both traditional WAN solutions (expensive, long gestation period before service provisioning) and wireless networks (limited bandwidth, capacity and stability). By leveraging SD-WAN technology, enterprises can ramp up bandwidth at lower costs, usher in more versatility for their broader platform, services and architecture plan, enforce centralized management across branch networks. Applied at the network edge, SD-Wan offers maximum value by lowering cost, boosting performance and scalability. At Niyuj, we’re doing extensive work in SD-WAN and SDN technologies and coding a new future for cloud networking.

Sunny days ahead for Public/Private Cloud Networking

Cloud-based services (in both public and private cloud) provide the perfect solution to problems of scale – as businesses grow, their mobility and storage demands grow, and often not in a linear manner. This increase can be handled effectively by cloud-based solutions. However, deploying cloud solutions requires deep expertise, keeping in mind security and complexity challenges. Moreover, cloud computing is no longer restricted to a single provider now, which means enterprises have to get ready to handle more complexities, even though hybrid/multi-cloud offers more leverage.

Pay attention to Security – or pay the price

Security is still the biggest challenge in cloud networking – tightening GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and other regulations mean enterprises need to dot the i’s and cross the t’s when it comes to security compliance protocols in cloud networking.


Moreover, attacks like ransomware, sandbox-evading malware, etc. gave us a taste of what we can expect as individual and state-sponsored cyber-attacks keep improving in sophistication and strength. To combat this, enterprises need to have even more sophisticated tools at their disposal – in order to identify and prevent these attacks at speed.

Live on the Edge – Edge Computing to ramp up

Edge computing can streamline traffic flow from IoT devices, process it before it’s sent to the main cloud storage, helping business heads take quicker, better decisions through real-time data analytics and analysis. Edge computing can no longer be ignored – however, edge deployments bring with them their own unique set of security challenges. Most IoT devices have a built-in server that allows for remote access and management – however, this is an invitation for security breaches. To tackle this, enterprises need solutions that enforce better device management, as part of the edge computing solution. Also, ensure to rollout a robust edge computing strategy where all endpoints can benefit from the edge architecture, delivering maximum operational and business value.


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