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AI to make cloud more intelligent

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are taking cloud computing to the next level, firmly entrenching us in the age of ‘intelligent cloud’. As we speak, enterprises are moving data to hybrid clouds, and cloud computing has become a hygiene factor, enabling data storage, sharing, accounting, collaboration, file backup and recovery, transformation of insights into actionable data, and more. And intelligent cloud storage, backed by AI and ML, is now boosting data management and enabling predictive analytics (anticipate what will happen by assigning probabilities), prescriptive analytics (know what will happen and suggest how to tackle it) and cognitive analytics (know what will happen and auto-adjust), helping enterprises make better, more transformative business decisions. Cloud will provide more data to these technologies, which will help them learn and generate new insights and information, which again provides more data back to the cloud. In this exciting new age, get ready to build more sophisticated, delightful and intuitive applications on the back of intelligent cloud, while driving extra mileage from chatbots, communication tools like email, business processes like ERP, as well as CRM solutions, video messengers, application development, applications that need scalable storage (think Netflix), and more. AI- and ML-driven analytics will also bring in automation and speed to storage and network infrastructures.

Edge Cache lies at the center of edge computing

Enterprises rolling out digital initiatives find it more efficient to process the data generated from actions closer to the source of origin, that is, near the embedded devices and Internet of Things. This is edge computing, where information is collected, processed, and transformed into actionable insights, closer to the source of the information, reducing unwanted latency in decision making. As more and more enterprises realize that edge computing gives them an extra edge, there is an increasing need for edge caches – high speed data storage layers that can service data requests faster than primary cloud storages. By allowing enterprises to efficiently reuse previously retrieved or computed data, edge caching can dramatically boost application performance, while costing significantly lesser at scale, making your entire system more efficient.

Distributed ledger is the key to better security

Imagine a notebook sitting on the center of a conference table, with a group of people around it, watching. If anyone reaches out and writes something in the book, everybody will be able to see it, and if anyone tries to take away the book, everybody will know who it is. This is the essence of distributed ledger – a consensual sharing system in which documents are decentralized and shared among a group of people – where any action by one person will be immediately recorded and shared with others in the group, through their identical copies of the document. This makes distributed ledgers almost immune to cyber-attacks and data tampering, since to attack one document without being traced, entails attacking all its copies, simultaneously. Distributed ledgers, which rides on the back of blockchain technology, is already revolutionizing the way government institutions (think DigiLocker), financial entities, and enterprises function.

Software-defined storage is defining the future

You have vast amounts of data stored on your hardware infrastructure – but how do you manage it efficiently and automatically, and do so remotely? That’s where software-defined storage (SDS) comes in, offering flexibility and cost savings to enterprises, by separating the hardware from the storage software. SDS reduces operational costs, speeds up new deployments, and facilitates smoother policy-based provisioning. In addition to the now trending on-premise SDS deployments, new products that maximize SDS capabilities will allow enterprises to ramp up hardware capacity in response to changing workload requirements, without necessitating the time- and resource-consuming process of data migration. SDS-enabled technology can also be applied across a breadth of infrastructure choices and workloads, including the public cloud, next-gen SSDs, and higher capacity hard drives. SDS technology underpins the revolutionary hyper-converged infrastructure ecosystem too, where every component, from computing to networking and virtualization, is managed by software, independent of the hardware, allowing enterprises to easily scale solutions across various remote locations.

Are you facing these challenges?

You are struggling to make your data storage scalable

You have vast amounts of data (100 Tera bytes+), that needs to be stored securely and retrieved quickly, without compromising on its integrity

You are looking to implement failproof security measures that are immune to data error or breach

You want to ensure that your data is ubiquitous and easily accessible across vendors, platforms and channels

You’re looking to optimize and maximize value from your storage infrastructures

The Niyuj Leverage

How do you manage vast bytes of data securely and efficiently, while making data and actionable insights easily accessible for the end user? At Niyuj, we specialize in engineering complex data storage systems that can contain massive amounts of data without compromising on security. At the same time, we ensure that the data is easily accessible from any device, as and when the end user needs it. Our biggest strength is our team of leading engineers, who are experts in storage technology, product development, and have numerous patented technologies in their name.

Delivering on expectations and beyond

We are committed to delivering the most value-enhanced solution that is in the best interests of our clients and their customers. For instance, while tackling a long-lingering data corruption problem, instead of just taking corrective action, we figured out a way to prevent it from happening, and incorporated that as a feature in the product.

Trusted end-to-end partner

Our customers trust our expertise and experience and leave the end-to-end development and execution in our hands. For example, we’ve developed and upgraded an entire component (TIER/Layer) of a product, and currently take full ownership for its management from Pune. Similarly, we provide complete engineering support (debugging, root cause, fix and deploy) for products whose production centers are in the United States.

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