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Knowledge is key

As security becomes increasingly complex, mastery over the fundamentals of operating systems and networks in IT infrastructure will become crucial. This core system level knowledge will also help enterprises predict future trends.

The exclusive becomes pervasive

Deep Learning technologies (including Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence) will help smoke out security threats – leading to an increased investment in ML- and AI-based applications.

Make Network security your priority

Enterprises should protect their data streams and be prepared for any kind of attack – both network security and host security are now in the spotlight.

Go visual and actionable

Going forward, security issues need to be quickly identified and remedied – which calls for presenting data analytics in a visual and easily actionable format. Speed equals survival in this new age.

Are you facing these challenges?

You’re unable to scale and increase performance of your security infrastructure.

You lack the right resources – you need a team that possesses deep knowledge of security fundamentals and wide experience in the latest trends (such as AI) and solutions, and can leverage both to maximum benefit.

The Niyuj Leverage

Fundamental knowledge, and forward-looking
technology – Get the best of both

At Niyuj, our team is our biggest strength. We effectively take care of the most important security challenge faced by enterprises – that of building a team with the right mix of core system-level knowledge, and the expertise and experience in leveraging forward-looking technologies like AI, in order to tackle security issues efficiently.

Scale fast, upgrade easily,
and move ahead

Today, with the emergence of cloud, it’s become imperative for enterprises to be able to manage, configure and upgrade infrastructure easily and quickly, unlike the days when security infrastructure was deployed in data centers on endpoints, or on the host, or on corporate networks. At Niyuj, we ensure the quick deployment, upgradation, and scalability of your security infrastructure by hosting all actionable items from a single cloud instance. We also capitalize on our expertise and experience in other domains, and repurpose these learnings in order to tackle security challenges successfully, thus delivering added value.

Why Niyuj


Combined decades of experience
in security solutions


Successfully deployed and managed security solutions for clients


Collaborations with reputed
service providers


Mastery across different kinds of OS (Unix, Linux, Mac, Window) and different kinds of networks (VOIP Networks, to Pure Data Networks, to Wi-Fi)
Deep programming expertise in core system-level products, both in kernel space and application-level solutions
Allied technologies such as visualization and, big data analytics to create value-addition in security solutions

How we work

Experience success, in 5 steps. We align our processes
to ensure the best outcomes for you.

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23 March 2019

Pooja Joshi from Niyuj as a panel speaker at Women in Data ScienceThe Global Women in Data Science (WiDS) Conference aims to inspire and educate data scientists worldwide, regardless of gender, and support women in the field.

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