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Hybrid cloud is proving to be a silver lining as it serves an intermediate and sensible step for many enterprises who are in the process of migrating to the cloud.

Success is measured by scale

‘Scaling’ challenges occupy the spotlight today – which means architectural solutions that tackle this problem of scale are now in high demand.

Spare the hardware

The cloud makes serverless technology possible and makes hardware redundant. Codes are now executed on-demand in the cloud – while conversations around how much capacity you’d need upfront, or how you can initiate auto-scaling – will soon be left behind in the dust, along with your hardware servers. The cloud platform provisions the hardware, executes the code, and discards the hardware.

Open source platforms open up new possibilities

Container orchestration platforms (think Kubernetes) enable organizations to run and manage containerized workloads and services efficiently and quickly. Most of the solutions, like Kubernetes, are pluggable ones, with their own monitoring login mechanisms. They also offer the crucial functionality of auto-healing, which reduces server downtime.

Are you facing these challenges?

You are struggling with capacity planning – your hardware is undersized/oversized, or probably not the right fit – you’re unsure

You’re already using cloud solutions, but are paying a heavy cost and need to urgently optimize expenses

Frequent outages are leading to loss of business – you’re seeking manual intervention to tackle this bottleneck

You’re struggling to cloud-enable and scale your solutions

The Niyuj Leverage

Auto-scale, auto-heal, and move securely to the Cloud

Cloud is our domain – We excel in cloud-enabling your solutions through the right channels, in order to achieve your objective.

Most solutions work well in a test environment, but they break apart in the real world, where the slightest load invites big problems.

Our extensive expertise in cloud providers like AWS, Azure, and cutting-edge technologies like Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, and others, helps us deploy the best cloud architecture solutions that are elastic, flexible, and can self-heal.

More importantly, while cloud offers an entire range of possibilities, we strongly believe in the intelligent and optimal usage of resources. For instance, on Amazon Web Services, we leverage autoscaling groups for horizontal scaling. We conduct a deep-dive analysis of your system’s load requirements, and then suggest the optimum infrastructure needed to deliver maximum output, with no negative impact on business.

Industries and Solutions

ERP/CMS platforms, desktop and app versions

Content management systems

Workflow systems

E-Commerce platforms

Forecasting and planning tools


FMCG, Pre-packaged Food Industry

Financial Services/Mortgages


Why Niyuj


Combined decades of experience
in cloud


Successfully deployed and managed cloud services for clients


Expertise in leading cloud providers including Azure and AWS

How we work

Experience success, in 5 steps. We align our processes
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