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  • PUBLISHED ON May 10, 2019

Omniture Tag

Omniture is the Adobe thing. it is used to collect stats data and shows you those information in report.

Omniture Integration

Adobe will provide you two codes;

  • One is the javascript code which you need to put in header of your application.
  • Other is the js file which you need add in code base.

Omniture javaScript code

you need to put this code in your application header but not in HTML Head element. putting it in HEAD element can be erroneously, so put it inside of BODY tag (either start or end of the BODY tag).

Omniture JS File

you need to mention the path of this JS file in the “Omniture JavaScript code”.by doing this now you can see the stats in Sitecatalyst report.
For Non-JS browser, the they will provide you a code of “noscript” tag. in which they have one image of 1 pixel

Check List

  • Make sure that the version on JS file and the Omniture reporting tool have the same version (like H.26).
    version mismatch can cause no stats in report error.
  • if your application using multiple framesets in one page then you have to be careful, i.e. if put the omniture tag inside each frame then for one page load you will get multiple stats (multiple page views i.e. each frame in that page will send the request to Sitecatalyst).

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