DevOps Engineer

6 - 10 years


BS in Computer Science, Engineering or related field (6 years work experience in place of degree)

Job Description

Development Operations Specialists aid the R&D team by supporting the management and deployment of on-premise software products. As developers generate software packages encompassing new features, improvements and bug fixes, development operations specialists manage infrastructure resources and scaling of software components to meet evolving capacity needs for the entire software development lifecycle. They also participate in the design and implementation of platform resources for our products.



  • Designing and implementing software build, packaging and deployment methods
  • Selecting automated tooling to facilitate implementing, building, delivering and upgrading of software
  • Setting up automated manufacturing, deployment and configuration of client’s products
  • Ensuring security best practices are followed within business guidelines


Required Skills and Experience:

  • 6-10 years of experience as a DevOps engineer
  • Experience developing development operations platforms in support of a development team and the software development lifecycle
  • Strong Linux system administration skills
  • Experience with Python, Java, and C++ languages and build frameworks (ex. Python:PIP/Setup tools, Java:Maven, C/C++:Make)
  • Experience with KVM/ESX virtual environments
  • Experience with containerization systems (Docker, Kubernetes)
  • Experience with RedHat Package Manager (RPM), Yum, Git, Ansible, and Jenkins
  • Experience with distributed configuration management systems (Consul, etcd)
  • Experience with the deployment, configuration and scaling of databases (PostgreSQL, InfluxDB, Druid, MongoDB)


Preferred Skills and Experience:

Experience deploying applications to cloud micro service architectures (AWS, OpenShift, Azure, etc.)

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