What works for you?

Every project is unique and calls for a different approach. At Niyuj, we align our processes and mindset to your business goals in order to deliver the best possible solution, not just in a general context, but specific to your case. Here are the engagement models we offer:

Time & Materials Model

Struggling to scope out your project, with an idea in just its birthing stage? Our Time & Materials engagement model ensures that you pay only for the time and resources spent - supporting an agile development process and helping you ramp up or ramp down on resources as and when necessary. The T&M model also allows for multiple iterations, frequent testing and looping in of customer feedback at regular intervals.

Dedicated-Team Model

Have a long-term project and need a team of expert, innovative developers in your corner? Leverage our collective genius to your advantage – our clients have experienced dramatic reductions in cost - almost up to 50% - through our Dedicated-Team model. With state-of-the-art infrastructure and a flexible, open-minded attitude, our team fits in perfectly with yours, redefining the way remote collaborations work.

Project-based Model

Have clear project requirements and need a team to deliver successfully on your product idea, within pre-defined timelines and budgets? Look no further – Niyuj is the perfect partner. Thanks to our extensive experience across domains, and a successful history of co-founding products ourselves, we are experts at scoping out undefined projects and ensuring its timely and successful delivery.

BILDS – 5 steps to success


From idea to execution – Tell us what you have in mind, and we’ll show you how we can simplify the process and amplify value.


We present our ideas - and we’ll rework on them post your comments and suggestions, until we have something we are all equally proud of.

Lean, agile development

We build, iterate, test and streamline the project management process – all in line with the lean principles of agile product development. At this stage, we create an MVP, which is further tested and refined.


Finally, it’s D-day, that is, Deployment-day. We run the final checks and tests, and help you roll out the solution. But our support doesn’t end there – we partner with you post-deployment too, to maximize value at every step.

Support and maintenance

We provide long term support and maintenance; and keep the products we build up and running, providing the guarantee of a ‘five nines’ (99.999) uptime.

BILDS – 5 steps to success

Our Priority? Protecting your IP.

Our clients trust us to deliver the best networking solution possible – and at the same time, they rest easy knowing that their IP is in safe hands. Here’s how we guarantee your peace of mind.

Water Tight Contracts

Access Control

Strict IT Policy


VPN Secure Access

Encrypted Device

Isolated Networks

IP Agreements


Equipped to win.

We operate out of a state-of-the-art office space that positively impacts our creativity, collaboration, and productivity, helping us deliver our best each day. Our teams can work completely off the grid, and enjoy 24/7 connectivity, even during emergencies and blackouts, thanks to a 24-hour power back-up provision, 2 inverters, a fail-safe system, a diesel generator, and multiple dedicated high-speed internet leased lines with a back-up line. Plus, all team members enjoy VPN access, no matter the time of day or location, ensuring seamless connectivity and communication.