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“Don’t see the world as is – instead, imagine how it could be...”

This powerful picture of immense possibilities - of how we could replace problems with meaningful solutions through technology – is what drives every employee at Niyuj, from the founders to the interns. It’s why we come to work every day, with our passion and motivation intact.

ACTG - The DNA of Niyuj

Startup or established player – at Niyuj, we’re adept at scaling our strength and skills to answer every need, without scaling down on quality or output. We’re adaptable, and agile, with high turnaround times, and equally high satisfaction scores.

One solution doesn’t fit all – we reject the factory approach to innovation, because every client and every challenge is unique, often requiring a new, radical solution. We’re small enough for personalization, and strong enough to deliver it.

Our team represents the best of engineering talent in the country – Niyuj is home to seasoned technocrats with multiple successful exits, passionate developers with patents in their name, and top performers from India’s leading engineering institutions and MNCs.

We’re good at understanding what your business needs - we align ourselves with your strategic goals and objectives and work outside the box and round the clock to get you there. We’re goal-getters, obsessed with hitting ambitious growth milestones.

Values – ICQ-ACT


We value creativity and collaboration as they fuel innovation. Encourage new ideas and alternative approaches, Offers a new point of view, Challenge Status Quo.

Customer Focus

We strive to build Niyuj around our customers first, listen and ask questions to better understand customer needs. Always strive to find out, “What is in in for the customer?”


Quality is something which we do not compromise to and its always ahead of release schedule.


We value achieving our goals, meeting commitments and delivering above expectations. Develops an action plan and always follows up to access progress.


To inspire and boost customer’s confidence, first we should be confident about our capabilities, out work and people.


We are direct, honest and act with integrity. We treat each other with mutual respect at all times. We are accountable. Deliver on commitments and communicate often, openly and consistently.

Our growth story


Ajay Wani CEO

Mandar Behere Director, Engineering

Equipped to win.

We have a state-of-the-art office space that positively impacts our creativity, collaboration, and productivity, and helps us deliver our best each day. With 24 hours power back-up, 2 inverters, a fail-safe system, a diesel generator, and multiple dedicated high-speed internet leased lines with a back-up line, we can work completely off the grid, and enjoy 24/7 connectivity, even during emergencies and blackouts. All our team members have VPN access, all the time, no matter where they are, keeping them connected and on the ball.

Employees' Perspective



23 March 2019

Pooja Joshi from Niyuj as a panel speaker at Women in Data ScienceThe Global Women in Data Science (WiDS) Conference aims to inspire and educate data scientists worldwide, regardless of gender, and support women in the field.


04 Sep 2020

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