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Talent Centric Organization

We firmly believe that employees build organization – but first, organizations need to empower their employees.

At Niyuj, we invest deeply in our people and constantly work toward building a warm and nurturing environment that is highly conducive for professional and personal growth. We emphasize on holistic growth for every individual – at the same time, we are firm believers in the power of unison. We focus on developing a close-knit, aligned team of passionate, hardworking employees, in order to unleash the full potential of individual and team.

Our leadership team includes techpreneurs and veteran technocrats with a collective experience of 100+ years. We only hire high-calibre individuals from leading companies and technical institutes across the globe. We believe in quality over quantity – which is why 61% of our developers are highly qualified, deeply experienced senior professionals.

Niyuj fosters an environment of envelope-pushing innovation. Our developers pride themselves in building simple solutions through complex, out-of-the-box engineering, which has led to multiple patents. Niyuj is the perfect playground for innovation where passionate engineers experiment with cutting-edge technology and drive meaningful change.

Project Sharpen, one-of-it’s-kind, interactive training sessions pushes the limits of employees’ capabilities and helps them stay one step ahead of the industry. These training initiatives are conducted in association with reputed institutes and industry leaders, and are based on the needs of the internal teams. We also conduct hands-on learning and development sessions that range from trend-based academic training to soft skill workshops.

We believe it’s important to develop an individual holistically. We train them to be good team members, creative thinkers and visionary leaders in their own way. To truly drive the vision of entrepreneurial mindset at Niyuj, we provide teams with training on customer management, communication, people management & leadership thus honing their skills for growth.

Teamwork, Problem Solving, Adaptability, Innovation, Leadership...the list can go on. To be competent and deliver high quality work it’s important for every employee at Niyuj to have a healthy mix of professional/technical skills. Interpersonal skills is the key element of progress with purpose - leading to creative solutions. As needed, we provide on the job skills training in communication, personality development, grooming and presentation skills.

Be a contributor from day 1 - work on projects across industries, that are size and platform agnostic. Our cross-functional teams comprise of people with vertical and horizontal knowledge across domains and technologies, enabling you to build solutions for a wide range of challenges.

Niyuj team members get hands-on access to the various tech conferences that we participate in or host. What better opportunity to network with peers, connect with leaders, and jump the learning curve.

Rise Professionally

Let’s get personal.

Our employee-first culture rests firmly on the pillars of non-hierarchical, inclusive team structures, fair meritocracy, and holistic growth. Knowing that professional development goes hand-in-hand with personal growth, we actively support employees in their personal development journeys through regular events, cultural and CSR activities, and welfare initiatives.

Above all, we continuously strive to forge deep, meaningful bonds with and amongst our employees, by providing a positive, nurturing space where they can lean on one another and grow as individuals, and as a team.

The Tech Commandments of Niyuj

Embrace challenges – go boldly where no one has gone before.
Deliver satisfaction. But never be satisfied.
Be humble – pride makes you stumble.
Have an open-door policy. And an open mind.
No work is too small. No problem is too big.
Being accountable is non-negotiable.
Strength lies in taking the support of mentors and peers.
Team work makes work more meaningful.
To live long and prosper, nurture a healthy mind and body.
Be empathetic,
be kind.
Work @ Niyuj

We’re looking for the next change engineers.
Are you the one?

Build impactful solutions for challenging problems, in collaboration with some of the industry’s brightest minds. Check out our openings, or create one for yourself.

Angular Developer
2 - 4 years
FullStack Developer
2 - 4 years
Senior C/C++ Linux Developer (Storage)
4 - 8 years
Senior HR Executive
6 - 8 years
Linux Administrator
3 - 6 years
C# .Net Developer
2 - 6 years

Can’t find your particular skillset? Write to
us and let us know where you see a fit with Niyuj.


At Niyuj, every team member is encouraged to express themselves creatively and pursue their interests. Since our inception, like-minded team members have found common ground by sharing hobbies that transcend professional pursuits. As a result, various ad-hoc activities are regularly conducted at Niyuj, strengthening team camaraderie.

These spontaneous gatherings have led to the creation of NiyuFrolic - a unique initiative comprising different hobby clubs, including football & cricket groups that play competitively.
Today, NiyuFrolic is conceptualized, driven, and managed by the employees themselves, living up to the ideal of ‘for the people, by the people.’

Fun @ Niyuj

We take fun seriously at Niyuj.

Employees' Perspective



23 March 2019

Pooja Joshi from Niyuj as a panel speaker at Women in Data ScienceThe Global Women in Data Science (WiDS) Conference aims to inspire and educate data scientists worldwide, regardless of gender, and support women in the field.


04 Sep 2020

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