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Your preferred R&D partner for your next Cloud-based Security, Storage, and SDN offering. Ready to ‘Engineer your next’?

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Value-Focused from Ideation to Implementation

We belieth deep domain experience and expertise. We live in the trenches creating bare metal infrastructure keeping networks connive innovation requires an entrepreneurial mindset combined wicked, data stored and secure, but breathe in the cloud to manage it.

We specialize in building tomorrow’s products for early-stage start-ups, as well as Fortune 500 companies.

With 100+ years of management experience, innovators with patents, and skilled engineers we have taken several customers to successful multi-million dollar exits.

What we offer

Software Product Engineering

Where innovation meets excellence

Subject Matter expertise in Security, Storage and Networking, combined with Deep Tech experience in Cloud, Big Data / Machine Learning and Visualization engineer next generation products on schedule, on budget.

Cloud Engineering

Hybrid, Autoscaling and Beyond


Big Data and Machine Learning

Go Big with actionable insights


Quality Engineering

Experts in Product, IoT, Digital Testing & Automation assuring you can ‘Engineer your next’


Automation & Integration

Deliver your next digital components at speed


Industries we serve



Endpoints, Networks and Beyond

Our deep knowledge of fundamental security programming combined with our expertise in predicting trends and ability in leveraging new-age technology like AI and ML make us the perfect partner for security implementations


Delivering next-gen data protection

We specialize in tackling the three-pronged challenge of scalability, security and complexity, inherent in data storage solutions. Our team of engineers have extensive experience in storage technology and patents in their name.


Helping next gen networking companies


Digital Health

Helping you engineer your “Pandemic Proof” health care offering



Helping Enterprise Technology Companies be ‘Relevant for their next’


Enterprise Technology

Helping Enterprise Technology Companies be ‘Relevant for their next’

The Niyuj Factor


We are adaptable, and agile, with high throughput

We deliver bespoke solutions for start-ups and large-scale enterprise

Our team represents the best of engineering talent in the country

We’re goal-getters, focused on achieving ambitious growth milestones

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