Delivering bespoke digital solutions that transform tech challenges into big opportunities.

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Value-focused technocrats

We are relentless thinkers who have found our passion.

The Niyuj team comprises professionals with 100+ years of collective management experience, including passionate developers with patents in their name, tech innovators with exits exceeding $50 million to their credit, and top performers from leading, global universities.

We specialize in building products for early-stage start-ups, as well as Fortune 500 companies.

Bespoke Solutions


Realizing SD-WAN on Edge Devices

SD-WAN allows dynamic path selection to improve load sharing and resiliency. Our expertise helps realize SD-WAN, and offer solutions that simplify provisioning, management, and monitoring of edge devices.


Endpoints, Networks and beyond

Our deep knowledge of fundamental security programming, combined with our expertise in predicting trends and leveraging new-age technology (AI, ML), makes us the perfect partner in security implementations.

Big Data and Machine Learning

Go Big with actionable insights

Leveraging our proprietary storage and analytics technology to manage data at high volume and velocity and enable smarter decision making.


Delivering next-gen data protection

We’re experts in tackling the three-pronged challenge of scalability, security and complexity inherent in data storage solutions. Our team of engineers have extensive experience and patents in storage technology.


Hybrid and beyond

We expertly optimize money and resources to build and deploy transformative cloud-based applications for Content Management Systems, CRM technologies, and e-commerce applications.

The Niyuj Factor


We are adaptable, and agile, with high throughput

We deliver bespoke solutions for start-ups and large-scale enterprise

Our team represents the best of engineering talent in the country

We’re goal-getters, focused on achieving ambitious growth milestones

Transformation Stories

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